Cheese Louise @cheeselouise

The Cheese Mongrels

Bill Krieger

Bill and his wife Tamara began Cheese Louise almost on accident. Aren't you thankful that they did?! Bill is a wealth of knowledge and has an unmatched passion for learning and adventure. Bill is a co-owner of the store and heads up the cheese department while also leading most of our classes and seminars. Bill likes to say he is retired, but he works way too hard for that.

Tamara Krieger

Tamara started Cheese Louise with husband, Bill(above), and brought her knowledge of food and service into the spot light. These two really make the perfect pair - in life, and in business. Tamara brings balance to what might look like a college lecture hall filled with cheese if Bill had his way. As the primary purchaser and operations manager at Cheese Louise, Tamara ensures that there are beautiful things to see and purchase around the store and that there are friendly staff there to serve you with a smile on their face.

Alex Eberle

From humble beginnings as a farmers market vendor to sommelier and cheese connoisseur. Alex helped to start Cheese Louise in Richland then went on to explore the country and learn all he could about the cheese and wine industries. He now helps manage the store and takes great selfies.

Alexxa Conley

She is a Tri Cities native but her heart is in Chicago, with Joakim Noah. Alexxa was a bartender for years before finding her home at Cheese Louise and we couldn't be happier to have her on staff. Things run smoothly here mostly because Alexxa is around. Talented and beautiful, I wish we could all be so lucky.